Candor & Lace is an in-home or on-location boudoir/beauty photography studio. Jessica believes that beauty & boudoir photography is about more than looking sexy. It’s a transformative experience, taking control of passion and power to channel your inner beauty. Jessica centers her photographic work around the empowerment of the subject. Whether the photos are for you or a loved one, Jessica wants clients to experience the power of their own bodies and see them from a new perspective. Getting dressed down to lace is only the beginning.


Take your everyday space and see it in a new light. Jessica Bradley brings everything you need into your home. Together, you will transform your bedroom into a true boudoir, bringing to the surface passion, beauty, and power that space can hold. Jessica works with clients to cultivate a secure space that meets your needs and comfortability. For our more adventurous clients, Jessica offers a number of outdoor locations for you to free yourself and embrace the carnal, natural beauty of you.


With the stage set, Jessica will walk and talk you through the shoot. The kinds of photographs you want to see, the emotions you want to evoke, and the version of self you want to show. Jessica offers over a decade of experience in everything from high fashion to commercial photography. Capturing clients in the light they want requires getting to know them, their vulnerabilities, and their needs. Once you’re ready and have a plan in place, the fun really gets started!


Jessica encourages clients to try a number of outfits, or none at all. As the session goes on, Jessica will provide a quick preview of the shoot as part of the aftercare process. When you walk away from the shoot, Jessica's hope is for you to leave feeling confident, powerful, and in control. Any concerns before, during, and after are Jessica's absolute priority.

Jessica then works on post processing to edit and finalize your photographs. Once finished, a confidential, secure link will be sent containing your photos, with password protection for downloading.

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Owner and artist, Jessica S. Bradley, is a licensed esthetician, award-winning eyelash extensionist, and professionally trained photographer. Graduating from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, Jessica immediately went to work in the fashion industry. Before long, she was leading the Greater Milwaukee Area in lingerie and fashion trends.

Candor & Lace is a passion based project, born from experimenting with self-portraits. At the age of 12 years old, Jessica began been experimenting, exploring, and elevating the world arond her from behind her lens. Now with over a decade of experience, a classical arts education, and her experience in the fashion & beauty industry come together to create Candor & Lace. Facilitating the experience of self-empowerment that is Boudoir & Beauty Photography is the next project in her portfolio.




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